5 Benefits of Membership for Accountants

  1. Individual accountants, rather than accounting firms, are members. Membership provides one directory page for each member accountant, including submitted photo, contact information, website listing, and 500 words about the member’s qualifications, experience, target industries, special projects, and the like. A firm logo is recommended. 

  2. AccountantsCentral.com listings are for individuals who hold the Canadian CPA designation, not for accounting firms. More than one accountant may be listed from any firm, using a separate directory page for each accountant.

    We believe that each accountant has unique skills and talents—and that accountants are not interchangeable.

  3. Member accountants are entitled to post up to six “News & Insight” postings, of up to 500 words each, during each membership year. In addition, we welcome members' ideas and advice aimed at the small and medium business leaders who are our audience. Member accountants can send in White Papers, news releases, speeches, PowerPoint presentations, lectures, and other communications, including professionally-produced YouTube videos. 

    Member accountants can also promote their own and their firm’s events—web events or in-person events—on their member profile directory page or on the Events page.

  4. We help you with professional editing for items published in AccountantsCentral.com . The editors at AccountantsCentral.com have worked on magazines and newspapers for decades. Member-submitted content we have edited is member-approved before going live. Although our member accountants pay to be listed on AccountantsCentral.com, we uphold high levels of quality content and quality writing. High quality, timely, useful content is what keeps our readers—businesses that are looking for accountants—coming back.

  5. Each month, we send an aggregated digest of our members’ articles to major media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and influential bloggers) for extending our members’ content even further.

    Subscribe to the digest for free on our Contact Us page.

    We monitor the media for which mainstream journalists are following particular financial stories and try to match them up with our member accountants, for possible interviews.

AccountantsCentral.com is a national Canadian directory of accountants, combined with a web-based magazine (webzine).

We encourage owners and managers of small and medium businesses to better understand the use of numbers in business management, and encourage them to hire accountants as part time Chief Financial Officers, and as advisers on overall business management.

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