7 reasons for accountants to join AccountantsCentral.com

1. We promote AccountantsCentral.com, the accounting profession, and our members.

We use professional communication strategies, tools, and tactics. And, we promote to the people who matter—the media who can extend the reach of our members’ content—and prospects who can hire our members. Our members may be contacted by reporters, for additional story ideas and commentary.

2. Your online profile matters—and AccountantsCentral.com makes it easy.

Your own website is a good start, but it is not enough. Accountants need a robust online profile. Plus, when business people see how you think and write, the pre-qualification process to select an accountant has already begun.

Each member accountant is provided with a custom Directory Page, with full contact information, your personal biography, and a link to your (or your firm’s) website.

3. Google is tightening its algorithms.

Paying for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not as useful as it was 10 or even 5 years ago. This means you have to earn your Google ranking by: a) providing high-quality, original content, b) frequent postings, and c) you need to keep it up. AccountantsCentral.com helps you do all three.

AccountantsCentral.com helps our members by giving them a place to publish their articles and insights, thereby improving their search engine rankings.

4. Reduce your competition.

There are about 175,000 accountants in Canada. We shine a spotlight on professional accountants who are proud of their work.

5. We help you create great content.

The associates of AccountantsCentral.com have more than 75 years of combined editorial and publishing experience. We know editorial.

Each month, as part of your AccountantsCentral.com membership, you will receive notification about topical story ideas you can write about. You can also send us your blogs, case studies, client success stories, news releases, white papers, PowerPoint presentations, speeches, and awards you have received.

We will review your content to meet editorial standards and publish it on your Directory Page. Exceptional submissions make it to the “Ideas & Insights” page as well as AccountantsCentral.com monthly newsletter and media package.

You can also send us your videos, providing they are professionally produced and of good quality.

6. You have the last word.

Submitted content is jointly approved by AccountantsCentral.com and member accountants before going live.

7. AccountantsCentral.com is an idea whose time has come.

We are a hybrid accounting industry directory, business news publisher, news aggregator, business educator, event calendar, and video channel. We link accountants to colleagues, suppliers, and the mass media—and most importantly to prospective clients. We aim to explain, in English, what accountants do and how they do it, to families and entrepreneurs as well as business owners and managers.

As our tagline says, AccountantsCentral.com is for “Accountants who want to be counted,” proudly standing up for the profession.

Our accountants act as Chief Financial Officers (CFOs).

AccountantsCentral.com is a national Canadian directory of accountants, combined with a web-based magazine (webzine).

We encourage owners and managers of small and medium businesses to better understand the use of numbers in business management, and encourage them to hire accountants as part time Chief Financial Officers, and as advisers on overall business management.

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