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  • 09 Oct 2017 5:03 PM | Editor (Administrator)

    via Business Day, South Africa

    The massive public opinion backlash experienced by politically implicated persons in the accounting profession, demonstrates the risk of reputational damage when the fundamental principles guiding professionals in the accounting sector fall by the wayside.

    These fundamental principles of the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Behaviour include integrity, professional behaviour, due care, competence and objectivity. When these fundamental principles are violated through the conduct of professional accountants, then questions are raised about the value and quality of the work they have performed.


  • 06 Oct 2017 5:16 PM | Editor (Administrator)

    via CPA Practice Advisor

    What if you use a combination of every traditional method to assess a potential hire?

    Laszlo Bock, the former head of hiring at Google explained how generally ineffective this would be. In a recent Wired article, he explains that unstructured interviews only account for 14% of an employee’s performance, reference checks 7% of performance, work experience 3%, work samples 29%. Taken in perfect totality, that still only accounts for roughly 50%; or another coin toss.

    Ultimately, you’re likely looking for two seemingly basic, but profound, criteria. Will they be good at their job, and will they work hard? These two questions form the basis for every HR department’s quest to advise management on hiring qualified individuals.


  • 05 Oct 2017 5:28 PM | Editor (Administrator)

    Jeff Thomson

    Once relied upon for number crunching, management accountants have evolved to become highly valued, strategic business partners — ones who can not only gather data, but leverage that data, along with technology and information, as a competitive advantage.

    "I’m looking for people with strong business acumen, the courage to challenge business partners & strong leadership skills."


  • 28 Sep 2017 6:43 PM | Editor (Administrator)

    Lesson 1: It’s best for each person to get their own financial advisor to eliminate any conflict of interest

    Denise Deveau

    When Bill Fielding established Fielding’s Tire & Auto business in Kingston 35 years ago, he had no succession plans in mind. But when his son Erik showed an interest in taking over many years later, that all changed.


  • 26 Sep 2017 4:46 PM | Editor (Administrator)

    These leaders of PROFIT 500 companies share their hard-earned wisdom on starting, growing and leading Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

    Canadian Business Magazine

    The right path yesterday might not work today, and could be a disaster tomorrow.

    Hire people who care as much as you, and give them a reason to continue caring.

    Look in places other were ignoring.


  • 25 Sep 2017 6:36 PM | Editor (Administrator)

    Danny Bradbury

    As a small business owner, there may be nothing more important to To get a handle on your company’s future cash at hand, several tools are available to help you analyze projected income and expenses. They range from rudimentary spreadsheets to slick visualization apps. Here are five tools that can help you forecast your figures.


  • 21 Sep 2017 4:38 PM | Editor (Administrator)

    via The Globe and Mail

    A new survey of thousands of small-business owners shows strong opposition to the federal government's proposed tax rules.

    The Canadian Federation of Independent Business survey found its grassroots members back the lobby group's condemnation of the government's plans, with 86 per cent of business owners saying they do not support the changes.


  • 18 Sep 2017 6:46 PM | Editor (Administrator)

    Cash flow forecasts are the 'pulse and blood pressure' of a company

    Danny Bradbury

    Cash is king in business, or so the saying goes. Small businesses shouldn’t just look at the cash they currently have, though; unless they keep an eye on their entire cash flow, even profitable companies could sink. Cash flow management is a foundational discipline for all companies, and unfortunately Canadian firms haven’t been that good at it.


  • 14 Sep 2017 4:54 PM | Editor (Administrator)

    When employees start thinking like owners, it can transform a business. Here’s how to create a workplace where ‘intrapreneurs’ flourish

    From a distance, it certainly might appear that way. Many of the staff at Buyatab work from home, sometimes as often as three days a week. When they do come to the office, they bring their pets, make their own hours, and often move from the job they were hired to do to an entirely different position—sometimes to support initiatives they’re pursuing themselves. 

    Upon closer inspection, though, these so-called freedoms are in fact deeply researched strategies meant to attract and inspire “intrapreneurship” and innovation among the company’s 51 employees. 

    And they’re paying off. Buyatab Online, which ranks No. 2 on the 2017 PROFIT 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, has seen sales increase 18,662% in five years.


  • 12 Sep 2017 6:52 PM | Editor (Administrator)

    'Why should we put our feet up and look out the window?'

    Sept. 12

    Rick Spence

    In 1987, the husband-and-wife team founded Smart Technologies, the producer of digital, interactive whiteboards that went public in 2012 in an $800-million IPO. After taking a break to recharge, the couple, now in their 60s, went back to work in 2014 and launched Nureva, which develops new video and audio technologies that facilitate collaboration and teaching.


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