Brian Kilgore, Editorial Director

As editorial director, Brian Kilgore oversees the editorial content of, and is responsible for placing words and photos in the directory section, based on submissions from our members.

And he's responsible for the magazine-format content; the stories that help owners and managers better understand many aspects of business related to analyzing, understanding and profiting from their businesses’ “numbers.”

Brian aligns the interests of our readers—business people who need an accountant—with the interests of our member firm accountants, who are Canadian CPA-designated accountants willing to serve new clients.

In 40 years in the communications business, he has built a deep understanding of how to put ideas in front of people so they will absorb this information, and benefit from their new knowledge. He’s been a professional photographer for 40 years.

Equally important, he has vast experience in issues management, government relations, ushering in technological innovation in Canada, and helping entrepreneurs and executives launch new businesses.

Brian’s editorial expertise goes back to the late 1960s. He’s worked for Canada’s most important newspaper, The Globe and Mail and McLean-Hunter [now Rogers Publishing).

He's helped clients of Canada's largest PR firm, Public Relations Services Limited, and for the world’s largest PR firm, Burson-Marsteller

For a photographer who was always at the leading edge of technology, buying a Leica M4-P, introduced in 1981, brought back a sense of history and fine quality to photojournalism. is a national Canadian directory of accountants, combined with a web-based magazine (webzine).  We encourage owners and managers of small and medium businesses to better understand the use of numbers in business management, and encourage them to hire accountants as part time Chief Financial Officers, and as advisers on overall business management.

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