We believe accountants should be chosen based on integrity, ideas, experience, fresh thinking, professional education, imagination, insight, and initiative.

For Accountants

Accountants listed in AccountantsCentral.com pay to be listed in this online directory. This not-so-new way for accountants to promote themselves is called “directed content,” as in they want to direct the web visitor’s attention to what they can do for your business. And they have a lot to offer.

Accountants who are members of AccountantsCentral.com are individually educated, and personally earn their accounting designation, most often the Chartered Professional Accountant CPA recognition.

Here are four reasons why AccountantsCentral.com is unique:

  1. There are about 200,000 accountants in Canada. Accountants who list with AccountantsCentral.com want to stand up for their profession just as much as they want to promote themselves and their services. Reputation and integrity are important to them. Accountants listed on AccountantsCentral.com want “to stand up and be counted.”

  2. Most accounting magazines and journals are aimed at other accountants. These publications provide professional development for accountants and keep them up to date in their profession. They serve the members of their profession.

    AccountantsCentral.com looks outward, explaining what accountants do and how they do it, and most importantly, how Canadian businesses can benefit from their accountants' knowledge. This way of marketing accountants to potential new businesses, business owners and managers, has not been done before.

    AccountantsCentral.com explains accounting principles in English, not accounting jargon.

  3. Downsizing, rightsizing, and outsourcing since the 1990s have led to an entrepreneurial renaissance. More Canadians have started businesses in the past 20 years than ever before—some out of passion and some out of necessity. They need accountants for their small and medium businesses.

    Owners of family businesses have seen their companies grow and now realize that the "numbers" affect children and grandchildren, now and in the future. And within a business, divisional and operational managers need important financial advice from a virtual CFO. 

  4. Many Canadian entrepreneurs don’t have an MBA, or a background in business or finance. Many Canadians have never worked in large organizations alongside accountants to discover for themselves what accountants can bring to the proverbial table. Many young entrepreneurs are fresh out of college or university, where they attended no business management classes. Simply put, entrepreneurs and businesses need affordably priced numbers-based advice.

Terms of Use

AccountantsCentral.com checks with the appropriate provincial accounting authorities to see that our members are properly registered with regulators and are members in good standing. Most are Chartered Professional Accountants.

Accountants pay to be listed, and AccountantsCentral.com makes no claims regarding the quality or scope of their services. Business arrangements that may develop are between the accountants and their clients.

AccountantsCentral.com is a national Canadian directory of accountants, combined with a web-based magazine (webzine).  We encourage owners and managers of small and medium businesses to better understand the use of numbers in business management, and encourage them to hire accountants as part time Chief Financial Officers, and as advisers on overall business management.

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