Jana Schilder, President & Publisher

Jana Schilder
President & Publisher

Jana Schilder is best known as managing partner of First Principles Communication, a public relations agency that specializing in professional services firms, including accounting and law. Jana writes for The Huffington Post on public relations and reputation issues in Canada.

Jana established First Principles Communication after she left KPMG in early 2004. At KPMG, she supported the Automotive, Banking, Energy, Public Sector, and Information Industry lines of business with communication strategies, tactics, and tools.

She was also part of the launch team of KPMG Enterprise, accounting services aimed at private company clients. She was part of the HR team that established KPMG as an Employer of Choice. She was part of the team that launched the employee referral, employee recognition, and employee retention programs at KPMG.

She pioneered the “directed content” category at The Toronto Star in 2008-9, when she was editor of Online Trading, a quarterly hardcopy Saturday insert with a circulation of 500,000 copies aimed at those who manage their own investments. She was a business freelancer for The Toronto Star, special sections, and wrote about investing, RRSPs, ETFs, wealth management, mutual funds, mortgages and insurance from 2009 to 2013.

Music-wise, she owns everything that legendary 1960s jazz saxophonist Stan Getz ever recorded. “I loved bossa nova before it was cool.”

The classic "Live in Montreux" by Brazilian bossa nova artist Joao Gilberto was recorded in 1985 and released in 1987.

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