Neil Bruce, Director - Membership Sales

Neil Bruce manages national membership sales for He's known for relentless business development.

For many years, Neil has been helping professional services experts and the businesses and individuals they serve, reach each other and start profitable business relationships. Neil has exceptional communication skills, including listening, persuasion, and discretion.

Over the years, he has expanded his business development services to the legal and accounting professions, and to niche medical industries. At he's responsible for searching out and inviting accountants who want the CPAs at their accounting firms to work with new small and medium business clients.

It’s particularly important that accounting firms he invites to join our directory have imagination and initiative that extends beyond basic bookkeeping and proper filling in of forms.

Neil gives other members of the management team feedback from clients on how they can get even more benefits from their membership.

His knowledge of the worlds of professional advisors means he can spot the less obvious opportunities for the accountants to benefit their prospective clients.

In his spare time, Neil is an accomplished playwright; several of his plays have been produced in Toronto during the past 15 years. is a national Canadian directory of accountants, combined with a web-based magazine (webzine).  We encourage owners and managers of small and medium businesses to better understand the use of numbers in business management, and encourage them to hire accountants as part time Chief Financial Officers, and as advisers on overall business management.

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